Exams & Evaluation

Diploma Course


In addition to the application materials, all students admitted to the Diploma Course are required to complete a placement test (written and oral) at the beginning of the academic year. Based on the results, students will be assigned to different study groups. The faculty reserves the right to alter the groupings.

Please note that this procedure applies to returning students as well in order to ensure that the lessons can be conducted with the greatest benefit for all students.

View samples of the written and oral placement tests.



Examinations are held at the end of each semester or at the end of the academic year.
Students will be notified of the content of the examinations and the exact dates during the semester.

The Diploma in Kodály Music Education is awarded to those having completed all the compulsory subjects and 6 units of the elective subjects (17 units altogether).

A Certificate of Participation is given to students who have not completed all the requirements for the diploma or who were enrolled for part-time studies.

At the end of each semester students will receive a detailed evaluation for each course completed.
Course work is evaluated by five grades: A, B, C, D, F - A being the highest and D the poorest grade.
F is considered as failed course.
In those courses where no grades are given, students will receive a proof of attendance.

Evaluations will be given to students and it will be their responsibility to forward them to other educational institutions as they see necessary.
Special certificates may also be issued upon request at an extra cost.