Course Content

Diploma Course
Compulsory Subjects:
Kodály’s educational philosophy  - 1 unit
Lectures about Kodály’s Life Work - 1 unit
Methodology - 2 units
Musicianship - 3 units
Folk music - 1 unit
Voice - 1 units
Choir - 1 unit
Piano - 1 unit
See the descriptions of compulsory subjects here
Elective Subjects:
6 units (1 unit for each course)
All students working for the diploma of the Kodály Institute have to choose 6 elective courses.
Elective courses will be launched if a minimum number of five students choose the same course.
1. Choral Conducting Technique and Repertory  
2. Conducting Laboratory - compulsory for all students studying conducting
3. Choir-building  
4. European Music History 
5. Hungarian Music History
All candidates for the diploma of the Kodály Institute are expected to include either European or Hungarian music history in their study programme.
6. Chamber Music
7. Music and Movement: Kokas-pedagogy
8. Music and Movement: SZO-method
9. Score Reading
Other elective courses taught by faculty members will be announced in the beginning of the academic year (eg. reading Latin and German for musicians, contemporary music seminar, seminar on Liszt Ferenc’s lifework, seminar on Bartók).
See the descriptions of elective subjects here
Specializations (optional) - based on audition:
- Advanced Choral Conducting
- Piano Pedagogy
- Voice Pedagogy 
- Lied-accompaniment Course
See the descriptions of four specializations on offer here
Students accepted into one of the specialization courses are expected to choose only three courses listed under elective subjects.
The duration of each class is 50 minutes with the exception of voice, piano, score reading and chamber music, which are 30-minute long sessions.
Hungarian language is offered as an optional subject free of charge.