Diploma Course

Diploma in Kodály Music Education

One-year course that focuses on the training of musicians, music educators according to Kodály's music pedagogical concept both in theory and in practice. 

The study programme is made up of practical and theoretical subjects serving the in-depth and comprehensive development of students' musical skills and their understanding of Zoltán Kodály's educational philosophy and its practical adaptation. 

Students can extend their studies for a second and third year according to their professional interest. 

The language of instruction is English.

A part-time study programme may be set up upon request, however the programme can be composed only of those subjects which are listed in the Course Content.

The academic year begins in September and ends at the end of May of the following year. 

Application deadline is 1 March each year.

All necessary information regarding the course, the application procedure, etc. are available under the General Information, Course Content and Exams & Evaluation links. 

Details about accommodation and expenses can be found under the links on the right.
Current students of the diploma/non-degree courses please refer to the printed version of the description of subjects. 
Contact the Registrar's Office if you do not have a copy.