Special Courses in February

Course of the British Kodály Academy
For years now, every February the British Kodály Academy has arranged a three- or five-day long study tour to the Kodály Institute. Due to the increased number of participants as compared to previous years, the length of the course has been expanded from three days to a week and was held partly in Budapest, partly in Kecskemét between 17-21 February. 

The theme this year was “In the footsteps of Kodály”. On 18 February the group came to Kecskemét and observed lessons in a local kindergarten and the Kodály School, followed by a lecture with Dr. László Norbert Nemes at the Kodály Institute.
Course of the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague
Since 2012 professors of the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague have been organising visits for their students and fellow music pedagogues to the Kodály Institute. Between 17-19 February the Institute welcomed another group from The Hague who attended methodology lectures on several topics at the Institute and visited the local Kodály School to observe lessons there.