Short Courses in January

Between 13 and 17 January the Institute hosted two different groups of visitors. A smaller group of teachers from the Korean Kodály Society observed lessons in the local Kodály School, also attending lectures on methodology and Kodály’s lifework at the Kodály Institute.

The Carthege College (Kenosha, WI, USA) sent a group to Hungary and to the Institute for the first time. The university students and their professor were able to gain an insight into the practical application of Kodály’s music pedagogical ideas through lesson observations, lectures on folk music and methodology, and the daily musicianship lessons.
A group of teachers and students from the Keimyung University (Daegu, Korea) made a return visit to the Institute between 20 and 24 January. Their programme was made up of class observations, lectures and workshops to provide an insight into the work at the Institute.