Master Barcsay and His Pupils

Selection of Seriographies: 
Jenő Barcsay, László Balogh, Pál Deim and Tamás Konok
The temporary exhibition was opened on 4 December at the Institute.

The exhibition is supported by the Jenő Barcsay Artistic Foundation, and Barcsay privies: Márta Kónya and Ferenc Kónya.
Welcome speech was given by Dr Andrea Preiszinger, who spoke about the connection of her medical training and the book titled the "Anatomy for the Artist" by Jenő Barcsay.  
Ferenc Kónya gave a short summary about the aims and activities of the Jenő Barcsay Artistic Foundation and the creation of this travelling exhibition.
Péter Molnár, visual artist spoke about the compositional techniques of the artists.
At the end of the opening ceremony two students of the Kodály Institute, Carolina Luis (Portugal) and Laia Tur Saura (Spain), played excerpts from the Flute Sonata by G. Ph. Telemann.

The exhibition can only be visited after preliminary registration until 10 January 2014.