Long Night of Museums, 2014

Like many local museums and institutions, the Kodály Institute participated in the events of the Long Night of Museums in 2014, on 21 June. The Kodály Institute welcomed visitors from 6 pm, when Dr. László Norbert Nemes opened the exhibition of the Ari Kupsus Gallery (Budapest), which displayed student’s works from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. 

In addition to this temporary exhibition, visitors could also look at our permanent exhibition. From 7 pm children were entertained in Room 1 with puzzles and a quiz game based on buildings of Kecskemét that are connected to Kodály, while adults could taste the quality wines of the Jackfall Winery (Kisjakabfalva-Villány) in the courtyard. In the concert hall short concerts were given by the InterSpheres Trio (USA) and Jose Pérez Sánchez (Spain) until 10 pm, when we started to screen a video on the life of Kodály till midnight. 

The event was funded by TÁMOP as part of the “Zene és olvasás” (Music and reading) project.