Concert - "Hungarian Classics"

Like many local institutions, the Kodály Institute participated in the events of the 29th Kecskemét Spring Festival. On 19 March visitors heard compositions by Franz Liszt, Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály in the concert hall of the Institute. A thorough insight into the works of the three composers was provided, with performances of choral music, songs with piano accompaniment and solo piano pieces. The performing artists were Katalin Halmai, singer and professor of the Liszt Academy of Music; Anikó Novák, pianist and professor of the Kodály Institute; and the Choir of the Institute, the latter conducted by László Norbert Nemes, director of the Institute. The last piece of the concert, Kodály’s Evening Song was sung not only by the Choir of the Institute, but by most of the audience too; which was a fitting end to both the pleasant, intimate evening, and to the concert.

The event was funded by TÁMOP as part of the “Zene és olvasás” (Music and reading) project.