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Korean Kodály Festival

The first prize of the competition will receive a 1-year full scholarship for study in the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét. 

You can also participate only in the seminar and concert, without taking part in the competition. 



Summer opening hours of the Library

1-22 June 2015: from Monday to Friday from 8 to 12
24-28 June 2015: CLOSED

In July the Library and Archives is open for participants of the Institute's summer courses and the International Kodály Seminar according to the timetables of these courses. Others can visit the Library and Archives by appointments only. 
2-23 August 2015: CLOSED
24 August - 6 September 2015: from Monday to Friday from 8 to 12 
From 7 September 2015 the opening hours are adjusted to the timetable of the Institute.

Visit from the Sjanton Chamber Choir (The Netherlands)

On 2 April a former student of the Institute, Ulrikke Reed-Findenegg (Norway), visited the Institute with her current choir, the Sjanton Chamber Choir (The Netherlands). Before coming to Kecskemét, the Choir was participating in the 15th Budapest International Choir Festival & Competition in Budapest. After a tour of the Institute, the Choir gave a workshop in the Lutheran Church, focusing on works of a variety of Dutch masters.


Concert of Anikó Novák

On 26 March pianist and professor of the Institute Anikó Novák gave a very successful concert at the Kodály Institute from works by J.S. Bach and Franz Schubert. The concert was part of the Kecskemét Spring Festival.


Kodály Seminar in Rome - 2-5 September, 2015

The Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music organizes a Kodály Seminar at the Hungarian Academy in Rome from 2 September till 5 September, 2015.


New Kodály document in the Archives of the Institute

The Foundation for the Kodály Institute came into the possession of a new Kodály document that they ceremonially gifted to the Institute on 14 December, 2014. The two-page-long letter, written by an unknown author, is authenticated by the signature of Zoltán Kodály.


28th International Kodály Seminar

20-31 July, 2015 - Kecskemét, Hungary

Details regarding the Seminar in the summer of 2015 available on the International Kodály Seminar's website

Application deadline: 15 April, 2015.



Concerts, commemoration, greetings in December


On 16 December the students of the Institute honoured Zoltán Kodály at his birthplace with singing and laying a wreath by the memorial plaque there. The workers and students then travelled to Budapest to visit the Zoltán Kodály Memorial Museum.


International Kodály Symposium 2015

SINGING, SINGING, SINGING: The Core of Musical Expression

Detailed information is now available for the 22nd International Kodály Symposium which will be hosted by the National Youth Choir of Scotland at the Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh, Scotland from 3-7 August, 2015. 

Delegates are invited to present research papers, workshops, rehearsals and other musical and academic topics related to the themes of the Symposium.


Concert – Sounds of Sapporo

On 20 September members of the Sapporo Musicians Association visited the Kodály Institute. In the evening they gave a concert joined by some students of the Liszt Academy, Budapest, to commemorate the good relations between the two institutions. The programme aimed to introduce contemporary Japanese music to the audience, but the performers also paid homage to Kodály and Bartók by performing one of their works. 



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