Student Manual

1. Academic calendar

2. National holidays

3. How to get to Kecskemét

4. Map of Kecskemét

5. Health insurance
There is no medical centre open to students at the Kodály Institute. However, a qualified English-speaking doctor is available to all students. Details are given separately, and you can ask the Registrar’s office to make an appointment for you. Please make sure that you have a valid health insurance for the entire length of your stay at the Institute in Hungary. 

6. Electrical Plug/Outlet and Voltage Information for Hungary
Please bring your plug adapter (and voltage converter), if necessary, for your laptop, camera charger, etc.


7. Public transport services in Hungary (links to their English websites):
Volán Bus
MÁV Trains
BKV (Public transport in Budapest)
Public transport in Kecskemét (No English website, map only)

8. Mobile phone/Cellphone services:
If you'd like to buy a cellphone in Hungary, there are 3 services:
There is a big T-Mobile store on the Main Square near the Kodály Institute, but all three services have a shop on the 2nd floor of the Malom Center department store.